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Well shit ... I had this posted up at midnight but for some reason it wasn't appearing on anyone's f-list.
This picture practically took me all day to draw. I was actually finished with it in about 3 hours but I kept trying to draw other things and that didn't turned out just as planned. All my attempts at trying to make it more festive were failures. I wanted to draw a little Santa-hat on the Mokona and I failed at that. I also tried drawing a gift bow around it but that failed as well. I hope the candycane and the green and red color combination is festive enough for you. In attempts to make it more festive I had to be a bitch and give you a blinding border!

Merry Christmas to everyone except Danny.
Danny can suck on Santa's jolly old balls! I'M STILL PISSED OFF AT YOU TELLING ME TO GET A TABLET!
I work on it all day trying to make it perfect then you mock my efforts, FUCK YOU DANNY!

Audrey, thank you for my book! It doesn't seem to be taking itself seriously. I'm only 35 pages into it and it's got some laffs.
"Your complexion almost looks human. You use a Dermablend foundation?"
"It's a vampire's best friend," I replied. "That and Maybelline."
"We could talk makeup tips all night like schoolgirls, but I'd prefer to know why you're in Denver."
I'm almost to the part with the playing or shooting of the nuts!

Hannah, thank you for delicious cookies! I have a snack for work tomorrow OM NOM NOM NOM. I think I like the chocolate chip ones the most. You put like GIANT chunks of chocolate in them, so good!

I'm off to wake up my mom now because Mellow has a playdate with Choi. I hope I make it back home in time so Mellow can meet Choi! Baaaw, I get to see Trigger too. Doggies! <3
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