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Why can't anyone who fucking reads TRC be online at this time?!

I got some of it out of my system by talking to my Sheepy but I still has moar to say! 

TRC Spoilers. Cut will only last until Saturday. ">So much shit happened in the chapter and like only 4 sentences were said! I wish fucking Kurogane and Fay said something because all they did was make >>>>>: and DDDDDD= faizes throughout the whole damn chapter.
I had read Su-chan's translation of the spoilers and I was still shocked at what happened! Well, I was mostly shocked because I really didn't think it was going to happen that easily.

Eventhough R!Syaoran hey we don't have to use R! and C! anymore to distinguish between the Syaorans because one is dead was able to stab FWR, I think it's going to take a bit more effort in making him GTFO.

I'm just wondering when the fuck C!Syaoran decided to help R!Syaoran. My guess is that C!Sakura had something to do with it ... I guess Fay will be able to get his eye back too? While I'm still wondering and guessing, I wonder if there will get MORE FLASHBACKS. This time we get flashbacks of when Cloney got a change of his non-heart. I had always thought that R!Syaoran was going to die. Baaaaw. I miss cloney ;-; 

It's really ending soon isn't it? ;-; This makes me sad. Fuck that shit. I bet it goes on for another year. I remember a year ago when everyone thought it was ending soon because of the shit that went down within the dream world. 
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