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Today I found out that FUNimation has Jyu Oh Sei up on their free video player.
I have no clue how long how long it's been up for but I feel a bit stupid since I just found out about it now.

At first I kind of thought it was complete bullshit that it's out for free. I bought the episodes for download-to-own so I felt like I got ripped-off. Then I thought about it and I felt like a jerk. I shouldn't be getting pissed off about it because I'm still planning to buy the DVD. When you really like something you do what you can to support it. I may not have the DVD of Jyu Oh Sei but I did make somewhat of a contribution by buying the episodes to download.

Now, I'm happy that it's up on FUNi's site for free because I can share it with others. This is one of my favorite anime series. I don't really know why I like it so much. I think one of the main things that draws me to Jyu Oh Sei is that it's short. You don't have lots of unnecessary crap and it gets straight down to the point. Although, the last couple of episodes seem a bit rushed and they pack in a lot of information in a short time. It's fun though, being a bit confused and not having a clear idea of what the hell is going on because that's how the characters feel. I really love it when shows are able to make an audience care about characters. It's even better when you can feel some of the emotions that the characters can feel, I think this is what really defines a good series/movie/book/whatever.

Jyu Oh Sei isn't perfect though. There were was an episode or two that was really wtf. Like how the main character fell in love with girl he had just met. The rest of the show made up for all that bull shit though. I also have to admit that the first episode is a bit boring, until you get to the last part of the episode. I really didn't get into this series until episode 3.

Here's the link to watch the episodes
I want everyone to try and watch at least the first two episodes. If you don't like it I want you to tell me why. I want real reasons as to why you didn't like it! None of this, "It seemed boring so I didn't like it." I thought it was boring too, until after episode 3. If you don't really like sci-fi, you should still give it a try! I don't care much for sci-fi either, or settings in space, but I didn't mind it at all in Jyu Oh Sei. Please give it a try!

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