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I may be fired from my job, or as they like to say, TERMINATED -- terminated sounds so harsh though. Is there even any fucking difference between terminated and fired? Oh well, not that I really care. There is a MAJOR, like SUPER MAJOR, possibility that I'm going to be fired, all because my supervisor failed to clear the days where I called in for having bronchitis. Sorry I didn't go to work because I was CONfuckingTAGIOUS. Being contagious and working around food, and people, is a bit against the law, right? There's also the fact that my job doesn't even require for us to be TB tested. My mother works with the public and she's required to be TB tested every year.

The way my job works is that you start of with 0 points. Every ten points you get, you're supposed to be notified, because after 30, you're terminated. So like calling in late is 2 points, calling in for the day is 5 points, and something else that I forgot is 15 points. You can get points cleared if you have something like a doctor's note. Anyway, I reached my maximum of 30 points last Friday. I wanted to go with my mother to pick up my brother from the mental hospital. I also had to call in today and I explained to whoever answered the phone that I should have had two days cleared because I had bronchitis. It seems that I'm getting the run-around and they're telling me that I have to go to First Aid, then First Aid will determine whether or not I had a legitimate excuse and they'll contact my supervisor and department manager.
What the fuck ever, this shit is so much drama. If only my supervisor cleared my fucking days I wouldn't be in this mess. Well, it's not really a mess because I have legitimate reasons as to why I'm missing work and I shouldn't be penalized for it. I hate my job. There's too many cons to balance out the pros.

Hopefully I won't have to work there much longer. I'm starting to receive job inquiries from the state from the examination I took at the end of February. Ironically, since I may be fired an unemployed soon, I received a job inquiry for a position in the Employment Development Department. Here's to hoping that a better job will come this way very soon.
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