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This is the first part of my adventure because I am sure that mah lovah wants to know where I've been the past weekend. I was out having a grand time with Renix and Betty. It was loads of fun running away from cockroaches and hobos -- and also yelling COCKROACH in the karaoke room.
The ever so brilliant Renix and I decided that a trip down to Little Tokyo would do us all some good. So then we made plans with Betty to go to the mall. The whole thing started as a plan to go to the mall then morphed into us going on a bus down to Little Tokyo. We had planned to go today but we went on Sunday.
We took Betty's little puppy to get the last of her vaccinations. There were loads of pretty dogs at the pet store! I wanted to steal everyone's dog because they were all so pretty! Except for the Shih Tzu ... I don't think those types of dogs are cute at all. They look like tiny furry ottomans with their faces smashed in ...
After we the dog had its vaccinations we went to Best Buy for some reason that I've now forgotten. But on the way there Betty's mom persuaded us to go to Little Tokyo tomorrow because it was already mid-afternoon and she didn't want us going there at night. At there wouldn't be much to do at night anyway. So we decided to go Sunday and that way we'd be able to spend more time down there. 
At Best Buy I told Renix that I had got Lily Allen's album at another Best Buy so we went to go look at the CD section to see if this one had it. Best Buy's selection of international and world music totally sucks ass. I also don't understand how they organize their CDs and I don't think I will ever understand it.
When we got back from Best Buy we didn't really feel like going back out because it was so hot. I fucking hate the days that are hot like that, they just suck up all your energy and you don't feel like doing anything. So we had spent the rest of the day lounging while watching movies and TV. We also made a few prank calls to random people in Renix's contact list.
Then Betty's little dog was out of control. It had kept shitting and pissing in the house. Renix and I had also stepped in the dog's shit. Thankfully we were wearing socks cause I would have been really pissed off if I had done that in my bare feet. Renix and I attempted to wash our socks out in the sink with some bleach (mmm Gin) and laundry detergent. We had also learned that cotton swabs are not good to use to try and agitate the water with, so we used a tub scrubber.
We succeeded in getting the shit marks off our socks and we went to put our socks outside to dry. Betty's water is magical, or something, because after the socks being outside for two hours they were still sopping wet. During the time we were checking up on the socks a cockroach had managed to slip inside the house. Betty had said that one had come in and I didn't believe her because I thought she was joking. Then that little fucker ran out from near me and of course that freaked me out so I went to the other side of the kitchen near the living room but that fucker was following me. Then Renix had come over and she was near where I was and she spotted the roach and ran across the living room onto the coach and I followed her. And the dog! The dog was so hilarious. She had went up to the roach then the roach moved and she saw Renix and I run onto the coach and she followed us too! I swear, that roach was half the size of the dog. God bless Betty, she killed the roach and rescued the three of us.
Now that it was safe to step foot on the floor again, we resumed our lounging and watching of the TV. We waited forever for Betty's parents to come back so that Renix and I could go back home. I didn't mind it though, I would so have spent the night at Betty's but we had plans for tomorrow so I had to go home.
Stay tuned to for details of my adventure tomorrow!


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