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AMC Theatres is showing the Oscar nominees for Best Picture for $25! It's $25 if you're a Moviewatcher.

The Reader
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Slumdog Millionaire

Damn. I want to see those movies!

The only down side would be that it's all fucking day long. It would be nice had they split it into two days. Although, if they did that then they wouldn't get that much of a profit on their concessions. Ugh, just thinking about move theatre food is making me sick. So gross. The only thing that's safe is the popcorn and pretzels.

Maybe I can somehow convice my mom to go. It's a good deal as long as you see at least three movies.

Link in case any of you happen to be interested in this 

Oh well, even if I can't go I'll still be happy because I'm going to go see Coraline and maybe sneak into another movie with Hannah tomorrow!

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Ummm ... so I was like watching this movie called The Plague and I didn't even get past 15 minutes of it.
Shitty batshit movies are just shitty.

Actually, it was called Clive Barker's The Plague, either way it still sucked like a plague.Generally speaking, if the first 5 minutes of a movie includes a bunch of comatose kids wriggling all over the floor due to seizures, that's not a good sign. The movie was a bit interesting at first. There was this "plague" that affected all the kids around the world under the age of nine. This plague or whatever put all the kids in a vegetative state. 

Ten years later, this shit is still infecting children and governments are enforcing the use of birth control because they don't want to add a billion more vegetables. There is no sign of anything changing for the infected kids and they just sit there doing NOTHING. Most of them lay around in beds hooked up to IVs in their school gymnasiums with nurses baby sitting them. Some of the kids, now teenagers, are sitting at home being spoonfed by their parents.

Then it dawned on me, this is going to be some shit-ass zombie movie. I had feared this at first with the modern day setting and the catatonia, but shit man, a girl can dream! Really now, I thought this movie would have busted out some medieval ass vampires during THE PLAGUE -- THE BUBONIC PLAGUE, but alas, my dreams were not meant to be ... That's the last time I'm inferring what a movie is about by it's title and short misleading synopsis.

This is what my tv told me the movie was about: 
Left comatose for ten years, teenagers awaken to possess strange powers and a thirst for blood.

Yeah, the red flares should have gone up there. Most movies involving teenagers are shitty. I really hoped that the whole 'camatose for ten years' thing was really incorrect information. Really, teenagers/ten years of comatose should have been the signs that there wasn't going to be some elegant blood thirsty undead sexy beasts.  

Unfortunately 'thirst for blood' was the incorrect information. 
I BELIEVED IN YOU!  ... Fucking shit should have said brains NOT blood!  >O

I'm just glad that I stopped watching that shit before I actually got to the zombies.
I need no further warning after seeing a catatonic teenage boy with dark circles around his eyes being spoonfed by his weary father. I would have been fucking retarded to keep on watching after that. 
Zombies are so not sexy. 

I feel fucking stupid now ...

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Yesterday was Easter, aka Zombie Jesus Day, and on that glorious day I watched Exte: Hair Extensions/Ekusute. Since I'm fucking lazy I'm just going to refer to it as Ekusute. Yes, I'm aware that simply typing Exte is shorter but it looks retarded. I could also just copy/paste Exte: Hair Extensions but by the time my fingers remember where the alt key is it would have been faster to just type Ekusute. 

After seeing Suicide Club I've taken an interest in Sion Sono's films. My interest hasn't become an obsession where I'm like OMG MUST SEE ALL HIS MOVIES! I'm just going to watch what I can get information on, Wikipedia is a pal.  

When I first read what Ekusute was about I laughed. I mean seriously, some dead girl has a grudge and her hair attacks the people that have her hair, massive lulz. What's the hair going to do to you? Clog your drains and cause water damage to your home. Then when you find out your insurance doesn't cover water damage you go and off yourself by hanging yourself with your lovely new hair extensions. Sounds like a plan to me! That would have been really awesome if that did happen in the film though ... I think I shall offer this story as the main plot in the American remake entitled HairyxDayz. No, HairyxDayz isn't a typo, it will make the film look moar mysterious and horrifying; at most the title will frighten grammar Nazis. 

Ekusute is basically the love child of The Grudge and The Eye, or something to that extent. The hair, transplant, goes batshit and the murdered person holds a grudge. Sounds like happy happy joy joy time, yes? Extra bonus, crazed trichophile mortician; it's a movie for the whole family to watch! 
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Okay bitches, though it's only one bitch because like Shorty be the only foo I have ... anywaaaay I kept saying I was going to update with my movies that I've seen and now I'm finally doing it! I have quite a list too!
Here is the first movie that is up in Koala theatre: 

This movie totally sucked but didn't at the same time. It was basically all about Marie having parties and having all these foking nobles attend and then they all get plastered. I thought it would be more historical-like. But not too historical, cause after all, Kirsten Dunst is playing Marie ... I wanted them to mention the whole affair with the diamond necklace shit, but it didn't happen at all. A minor reason as to why I wanted to see this movie was curiosity. Compared to what I wanted to see, the movie sucked. Compared to how I felt the movie was going to be like, the movie was good.  

 I had issues with the theatre room we were in. The screen had this big scratch spot ... also in this spot the screen was darker and my eyes kept on going to that spot T__T Then the volume was woah loud and when things are too loud I really can't understand what the fuck is being said. So I was only able to understand about 40% of what was being said the rest sounded like muffled shit and I was like eh ... I also felt kind of bad because I kept asking Betty what they said and she didn't know what was said either because of the volume be too loud and all.
Things I liked about the movie, the wardrobe. That was the main reason why I wanted to see this movie. I wanted to see the flamingly gay colors of 18th century French fashion. Another thing I liked about the movie was how they had the "let them eat cake" comment. Marie Antoinette did NOT say this comment AT ALL. I LOVED that they put that in and had her saying that she did not say that because she was simply not interested in the matters of the people and that she did not care what they said about her.
The main thing I was really disappointed about was the fact that they didn't mention anything at all about what happened AFTER the French Revolution. I wanted to hear all about how she was sent off to the guillotine. I wanted to see a historical movie about Marie Antoinette. Even though I knew that was not going to happen at all I still ended up seeing the movie. This is all I'm going to say about this movie. I don't even want to get started on my thoughts about the movie and the characters.


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