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Whoo ~ I have work today, fucking finally.

Earlier in the week I was like FFFUUUUU because I'm working up, literally up, at Katty's Kettle. It's up on a hill and it's just killer. I remember bitching about that hill to Audrey. Ah, I seriously love you Audrey for putting up with my bitchings ~ <3 Anyway, so when I was bitching to her about the hill I was like saying how the map of the park should be a pop-up. I am not amused by how the map of the park looks like it's all on level land. SUDDENLY HILLS, HUNDREDS OF THEM! Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm have flat land, why can't Magic Moutain? Oh yeah, cause it's called fucking Magic Mountain. Then on the maps everything looks like it's so close, it's really not. Oh well, more exercise for my fat ass. =D I'm just bitching becase I don't like how it was all a lie.

I'm actually kind of looking forward to work now. I believe that I will have a good day and I will not be assigned to work the fryers or any other thing that's 9001 degrees hot. I'm also getting to work an hour and a half before my shift so I don't have to ride the bus. I'd rather just get a ride there and have to wait forever instead of take the bus, I still have to leave at the same time either way. Happy happy happy for not having to take the bus but I think that I'll regret it later. I'll just listen to Razia's Shadow while I'm waiting until I can clock-in. Oh! I also get to have a ride home from work! I get to save me some money by not taking the bus. I think the bus fare equates to working for 15 minutes.

Here's to hoping today will be a good day because I believe that I will have good day.

Hoping for a good tomorrow too because I'm working at Katty's again. XD

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Need to write this crap down cause someone is a certain stalker ... then when they ask me "How was your day?" I reply with "FOKING DRUNKEN KOALA BIATCH!" Then they'll come and view my live journal to see how my day was ^.^

Okay, today was like TEH BESTEST work day EVAH!
I only made six "welcome baskets" today. Down side ... more are being ordered @_@ I know i so made over a hundred already -_-
Yeah, then i did some filing for like half an hour because I already filed away all the other shat. So then me and Armando went to the housewares department to get trash bags so we could throw away all the old paperwork, they have paper work from 2003 ... OH YEAH I forgot, I had to switch these files for Terra Nova to it's own little drawer because it was getting a bit crowded in the drawer with those two other things that I forgot the name of ...

Anywhoooo, so we throw all the old paperwork and we dragged the bag outside the little office place to right by the door of the warehouse (there's a door that goes from the warehouse to the office) Then right by the door there was a broom and Armando says, "Look, this is where Lisa parked her car this morning." HE'S FOKING HILARIOUS XP Then when we were walking by the fake plants in housewares he's all pointing at random fake plants and says, "This is how Laura looks when she doesn't brush her hiar." "This is how Lisa's hair looks when she first wakes up." He keels meh x_x

Then I had to pull files that had pick ups before September 11 and for some reason the weren't done ... OMG THERE WAS ONE FROM DECEMBER 2005! I seriously wonder what these people do ... I was barely on the 12th day and I swear that there were like 60 files before September 11. Most of the files were from July and June ... Then Lisa showed me how to do this thing with the program on the computer. Basically all I did was type in the agreement number then press enter a lot to skip sections then I make sure that the balance on all the items was "$0.00" aka all the shats was picked up from the places. I did that for about 2 and half hours. After I was done I got to leave! WHOO! I LURV WHEN I LEAVE EARLY! LESS PEOPLE ON TEH BUS!

Oh yeah ... speaking of the bus ... I was walking walking walking to the bus stop then POOF! my shoe lace decides to come untied so I was walking walking walking, I totally pwn at walking with laces undone, to the stairs. When I got to the stairs I tied my shoe and since I was sitting down I was like might as well as take a pain pill ... XP Then I had to pull my bottle of meds and my water out of my backpack ... I dunno if I was supposed to take another one because I took one three hours before I took another ... After that was all done I walk up the stairs and I see the bus at the light! NUUU CRAAAP IMMA GONNA MISS THE BUS! So I start running and talking to myself NO DON'T LEAVE ME MISTER BUS! Luckily there was someone that had to put their bike on the bus so I made it! WHOO!

So that was my day ... I hope that the baskets are delayed a week -_- I hate making those things ... But I did learn one thing, never stop to down your boozes or else you'll be chasing down your emu ...


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