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Whoo ~ I have work today, fucking finally.

Earlier in the week I was like FFFUUUUU because I'm working up, literally up, at Katty's Kettle. It's up on a hill and it's just killer. I remember bitching about that hill to Audrey. Ah, I seriously love you Audrey for putting up with my bitchings ~ <3 Anyway, so when I was bitching to her about the hill I was like saying how the map of the park should be a pop-up. I am not amused by how the map of the park looks like it's all on level land. SUDDENLY HILLS, HUNDREDS OF THEM! Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm have flat land, why can't Magic Moutain? Oh yeah, cause it's called fucking Magic Mountain. Then on the maps everything looks like it's so close, it's really not. Oh well, more exercise for my fat ass. =D I'm just bitching becase I don't like how it was all a lie.

I'm actually kind of looking forward to work now. I believe that I will have a good day and I will not be assigned to work the fryers or any other thing that's 9001 degrees hot. I'm also getting to work an hour and a half before my shift so I don't have to ride the bus. I'd rather just get a ride there and have to wait forever instead of take the bus, I still have to leave at the same time either way. Happy happy happy for not having to take the bus but I think that I'll regret it later. I'll just listen to Razia's Shadow while I'm waiting until I can clock-in. Oh! I also get to have a ride home from work! I get to save me some money by not taking the bus. I think the bus fare equates to working for 15 minutes.

Here's to hoping today will be a good day because I believe that I will have good day.

Hoping for a good tomorrow too because I'm working at Katty's again. XD

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There really needs to be some qualifications for Mother's Day. 

Getting drunk and then bitching at me because your life didn't turn out JUST AS PLANNED, disqualifies you. 
Deciding to visit your dick on Mother's Day instead of me, disqualifies you.  
Acting like the child instead of the parent, disqualifies you. 

Maybe if you planned to come over I would have gotten you something. 
I don't want to hear you cry about how I didn't get you anything for Mother's Day this year or last year. 
Even if I did get you something, you'd be happier with a bottle of vodka. 

I'm not old enough to legally get you some vodka, so sorry about that.
Sorry for being such a horrible spawn. 

Here's to next year!           
You'll eventually get it right. 
It's never too late to act like a real mother! =D 

Too bad you can't understand why I'm so on the fence with you. 
It's not very fun hearing about how you don't have to be my mom anymore, at least once a week for the past year. 
Since you feel like you are no longer obligated by law to act like a mother, I'm not obligated to celebrate a day for you.

Haha, I just love how I just portrayed mother as an uncaring alcoholic. 
She's been so not ftw for the past couple of years, that's where all the faux-hate comes from.  
Poor mom, she tries so hard but can never get it right. I love her, I really do -- only when she's not drunk. 

You know, I think the person who invented Mother's Day was the kid who picked on the little orphan that was abandoned by both parents. 
The little orphan was abandoned because the parents were still in high school and everything didn't go as planned. 
I think this may be the same person who invented Father's Day.    Nice going there douche bag. 

I can't wait until Father's Day to share some choice words. =D
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Well fucking shit you're a burden on me too. 

Thanks for ruining my childhood. 

Keep drinking that alcohol, I don't fucking care anymore. 

Thanks for fucking up my mentality because I still feel like a fucking lost child. 
Eventhough you were around more than him you are nothing but a provider. 

In about an hour I'm going to forget that this shit even happened and go on pretending that the fucking world is made out of sunshine and rainbows and shit tastes like cotton candy. 

Oh well look what happens to be playing in my media player as I'm typing, how ironic. 
I guess it's bound to happen when you have a playlist of all the Tsubasa Chronicle Soundtracks. 
Translations to the song:

To the City of Wind

Take me away across time to the town of wind
Grant the dream of my white flower

Take me by the hand with your gentle fingers, I want you to guide me
To a far-off place, to be by your side.

On this afternoon, though their voices could not sing clearly
Two lovers awake to become one
For the first time, they'll learn the meaning of happiness.
Take me away...

With a painful, echoing voice,
They sing out with all of their hearts
Without knowing the meaning of happiness, sleeping in darkness

Take me to a dream I've never seen before, far away
We'll go together... to the town of wind.

fyi, song doens't relate to the person I'm talking about   
if you're smart you'll figure it out


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