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I may be fired from my job, or as they like to say, TERMINATED -- terminated sounds so harsh though. Is there even any fucking difference between terminated and fired? Oh well, not that I really care. There is a MAJOR, like SUPER MAJOR, possibility that I'm going to be fired, all because my supervisor failed to clear the days where I called in for having bronchitis. Sorry I didn't go to work because I was CONfuckingTAGIOUS. Being contagious and working around food, and people, is a bit against the law, right? There's also the fact that my job doesn't even require for us to be TB tested. My mother works with the public and she's required to be TB tested every year.

The way my job works is that you start of with 0 points. Every ten points you get, you're supposed to be notified, because after 30, you're terminated. So like calling in late is 2 points, calling in for the day is 5 points, and something else that I forgot is 15 points. You can get points cleared if you have something like a doctor's note. Anyway, I reached my maximum of 30 points last Friday. I wanted to go with my mother to pick up my brother from the mental hospital. I also had to call in today and I explained to whoever answered the phone that I should have had two days cleared because I had bronchitis. It seems that I'm getting the run-around and they're telling me that I have to go to First Aid, then First Aid will determine whether or not I had a legitimate excuse and they'll contact my supervisor and department manager.
What the fuck ever, this shit is so much drama. If only my supervisor cleared my fucking days I wouldn't be in this mess. Well, it's not really a mess because I have legitimate reasons as to why I'm missing work and I shouldn't be penalized for it. I hate my job. There's too many cons to balance out the pros.

Hopefully I won't have to work there much longer. I'm starting to receive job inquiries from the state from the examination I took at the end of February. Ironically, since I may be fired an unemployed soon, I received a job inquiry for a position in the Employment Development Department. Here's to hoping that a better job will come this way very soon.
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Every. single. time. something is revealed we only end up with more confusion and questions than we do with answers.

I give up on trying to make sense of it. I really do.
I wonder if CLAMP meant for TRC to ever make sense.

Don't even get me started on Holic. I gave up on that ages ago.

At least we can all rejoice that CCS Sakura and Syaoran aren't dead?

The art was really pretty in this chapter.
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 Bleach. what. the. fuck.

This is a perfectly good opportunity for Ichigo to die.

Then what the hell is that shit with Ulquiorra. LOLOLOL I'M REALLY THE STRONGEST ONE.  

I swear, [info]capslock_bleach is the only reason I'm still reading this shit.

Bleach used to be good, if you overlooked all the shounen bullshit. I just think every thing has started to go downhill after Aizen defected. I just don't like how they were going on about how strong the Arrancar and Espada were than the Shinigami. Then you have Vizards thrown into the mix too. They make it sound like the power tier goes like: Hollows, all the shit between Hollows and Arrancar, Shinigami, Arrancar, Shinigami Captains, Espada, Vizard, Vasto Lorde.

They made it sound like the Arrancar were the equivalent of Captains. Then all these Vice-Captains go to kick some Arrancar ass and they're getting their asses kicked. Sounds really interesting since the Espada are the 10 strongest Arrancar and they're numbered by how powerful they are. Sounds like Soul Society will be in some deep shit. Then out of nowhere, power-boost. Turns out that every thing was a lie.

I just find it really hard to believe that Aizen wouldn't have tipped his children off about how strong the Shinigami really are. He should also know all the tricks Soul Society has up its sleeve. Yeah sure, Aizen may not give a damn about all the Espda and Arrancar dying, but they're going to cause a distraction so he can do whatever the fuck it is he has to do. Why wouldn't he want them to be well informed so that they can carry out the ass-kicking for as long as possible.

Ugh whatever, Aizen is going to be defeated and Ichigo will never die.

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Dear lord, I cannot wait until the 30th.

Looking foward to Noisettes' new album. Totally have to pre-order Wild Young Hearts from HMV.
They better have a performance in LA later this year! I still baw about how I missed them at the Detour Musical Festival back in 2007.
I totally fangirl over Shingai Shoniwa. She's aboslutely gorgeous and she plays the bass and double bass. My heart, it is weak against the double bass.

I really like this music video too. The cuts match up so well, editting at it's finest. There's another music video of this song but it kind of made me go like wtf. I guess portions of the other video were used in a commercial for the Mazda 2. I'm unsure though, seeing as how I've never seen the commercial but I do know that the song is featured in it. I guess I'll embed the other video.
Eh, the embed feature was disabled so you get a shiney link.
I like the other one more. This one just seems too wtt but sort of funny at the same time. Oh well ~ 

Fuuuuuck, I want their CD now.
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Whoo ~ I have work today, fucking finally.

Earlier in the week I was like FFFUUUUU because I'm working up, literally up, at Katty's Kettle. It's up on a hill and it's just killer. I remember bitching about that hill to Audrey. Ah, I seriously love you Audrey for putting up with my bitchings ~ <3 Anyway, so when I was bitching to her about the hill I was like saying how the map of the park should be a pop-up. I am not amused by how the map of the park looks like it's all on level land. SUDDENLY HILLS, HUNDREDS OF THEM! Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm have flat land, why can't Magic Moutain? Oh yeah, cause it's called fucking Magic Mountain. Then on the maps everything looks like it's so close, it's really not. Oh well, more exercise for my fat ass. =D I'm just bitching becase I don't like how it was all a lie.

I'm actually kind of looking forward to work now. I believe that I will have a good day and I will not be assigned to work the fryers or any other thing that's 9001 degrees hot. I'm also getting to work an hour and a half before my shift so I don't have to ride the bus. I'd rather just get a ride there and have to wait forever instead of take the bus, I still have to leave at the same time either way. Happy happy happy for not having to take the bus but I think that I'll regret it later. I'll just listen to Razia's Shadow while I'm waiting until I can clock-in. Oh! I also get to have a ride home from work! I get to save me some money by not taking the bus. I think the bus fare equates to working for 15 minutes.

Here's to hoping today will be a good day because I believe that I will have good day.

Hoping for a good tomorrow too because I'm working at Katty's again. XD

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AMC Theatres is showing the Oscar nominees for Best Picture for $25! It's $25 if you're a Moviewatcher.

The Reader
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Slumdog Millionaire

Damn. I want to see those movies!

The only down side would be that it's all fucking day long. It would be nice had they split it into two days. Although, if they did that then they wouldn't get that much of a profit on their concessions. Ugh, just thinking about move theatre food is making me sick. So gross. The only thing that's safe is the popcorn and pretzels.

Maybe I can somehow convice my mom to go. It's a good deal as long as you see at least three movies.

Link in case any of you happen to be interested in this 

Oh well, even if I can't go I'll still be happy because I'm going to go see Coraline and maybe sneak into another movie with Hannah tomorrow!

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I'm going to be gone this whole weekend. My mom is having me take some test for the state. I don't even know why she wants me to take it. I have to hear her baw about how the state cut two days of pay every month. This test is for the position of an Office Assistant.

I don't even know why they have people take a test for the position of an Office Assistant. Unless they've had morons apply before? All I know about the test is that it's some easy stuff. I'm pretty sure a 7th grader could pass it. That's another thing, my mom is telling me to study for the test. I'm like alskdjlakjsdlk how the hell do I study for some test I know nothing about.

I don't remember anything telling me about what would on the test during the application process. I just know that when my mom was preparing to take her Office Technician (this is next level from Office Assistant) test she stole my high school exit exam study guides. Not like I needed them because an 8th grader is able to pass that test and we take it in 10th.

Anyway, I'm just more like wtf over this whole test business. I've tried doing what my mom has told me before. She told me to apply for Six Flags, I did. I was hired on the spot and then I get the news that they're only open on the weekend in the fall and winter. Now I'm going to take this test, pass, and then I won't hear anything back about job position until like 3 months for now. My mom told me that it takes 4 to 6 weeks to get the results back from the test. This whole thing is ridiculous.

I think the real reason why I'm bothered about this whole thing is that we're staying at her friend's house for two nights. It's going to be extremely awkward. Then my mom is telling me that if a position opens up near where her friend lives and I get hired that I could move in with him so I'll be closer. That's just really really really weird.

I'm thinking my mom just wants to get rid of me or something, which she can't. Believe me, I'm in the same boat as her. I want to GTFO out of this place but I can't because I have to baby sit my mom. I can't fucking wait until I get to move back to my grandparents' house. What would be even better would be getting an apartment with my friends. The latter is probably never going to happen but I can dream!

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Please to be ignoring the fact that it's a few hours late ...

I spent for~evv~eer on this because I'm retarded because I put so much love into it. It would be meaningless if I didn't spend as much time as I did! The part that took the longest was the ears, the single heart I copy-pasta'd for the background, and the writing. Picking color combinations also took up a bit of my time. Since it was so hard picking colors I have another version and I also have a puple faceless Mokona without the heart background.

This time when I wasdrawing I used a tutorial I found. Well, I didn't really find it because I wasn't looking for one, it was more like stumbled upon, but I knew it would come in handy. I kinda of like the sketchy look that my pictures had before but I think this method is a bit quicked for me. Before I would always have to keep on drawing over and over and erasing the big blob of scribbles to get the shape I want. Now, I can have a big blob of scribbles but I don't have to erase anything because I just make a line over it!
Link to the tutorial ~ 

Ah, I guess I'm done blabbing about my picture. 
I really amaze myself. It's so cute! 

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Today I found out that FUNimation has Jyu Oh Sei up on their free video player.
I have no clue how long how long it's been up for but I feel a bit stupid since I just found out about it now.

At first I kind of thought it was complete bullshit that it's out for free. I bought the episodes for download-to-own so I felt like I got ripped-off. Then I thought about it and I felt like a jerk. I shouldn't be getting pissed off about it because I'm still planning to buy the DVD. When you really like something you do what you can to support it. I may not have the DVD of Jyu Oh Sei but I did make somewhat of a contribution by buying the episodes to download.

Now, I'm happy that it's up on FUNi's site for free because I can share it with others. This is one of my favorite anime series. I don't really know why I like it so much. I think one of the main things that draws me to Jyu Oh Sei is that it's short. You don't have lots of unnecessary crap and it gets straight down to the point. Although, the last couple of episodes seem a bit rushed and they pack in a lot of information in a short time. It's fun though, being a bit confused and not having a clear idea of what the hell is going on because that's how the characters feel. I really love it when shows are able to make an audience care about characters. It's even better when you can feel some of the emotions that the characters can feel, I think this is what really defines a good series/movie/book/whatever.

Jyu Oh Sei isn't perfect though. There were was an episode or two that was really wtf. Like how the main character fell in love with girl he had just met. The rest of the show made up for all that bull shit though. I also have to admit that the first episode is a bit boring, until you get to the last part of the episode. I really didn't get into this series until episode 3.

Here's the link to watch the episodes
I want everyone to try and watch at least the first two episodes. If you don't like it I want you to tell me why. I want real reasons as to why you didn't like it! None of this, "It seemed boring so I didn't like it." I thought it was boring too, until after episode 3. If you don't really like sci-fi, you should still give it a try! I don't care much for sci-fi either, or settings in space, but I didn't mind it at all in Jyu Oh Sei. Please give it a try!

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Well, I think that Mr. King needs to chill out a bit, he called Ms. Meyer not a good writer, but what is a good writer, exactly? Is there a mathematic formula for it? Ok, Mr. Meyer writes entertaining books, so does Mr. King, he's nothing more but also nothing less. There are so many writers out there, who wants that their book get published, but hey, if you have luck, you have it and Mr. Meyer had a little bit of it. So get over this stupid debate. It's just a waste of your and my time. If you like Mr. Meyer more? So be it. you like Mr. King more,the same. that's your thing, I kinda like both, they write good easy reading entertaining books, for me you can put them in the box :Mental Cinema writers". I read a lot, in different genres, it doesn't matter to me, if it's a so called smart/ high reading book or just a little entertaining book.

Posted by: Kel | Feb 3, 2009 3:52:15 PM | Flag as abusive

I think this commenter is trying to communicate in English. Apparently, Ms. Meyer Mr. Meyer had a sex change in between the time this person typed out the first and third sentence.

Twilight, I like you just for the stupidity of your fans.

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Why can't anyone who fucking reads TRC be online at this time?!

I got some of it out of my system by talking to my Sheepy but I still has moar to say! 

TRC Spoilers. Cut will only last until Saturday. ">So much shit happened in the chapter and like only 4 sentences were said! I wish fucking Kurogane and Fay said something because all they did was make >>>>>: and DDDDDD= faizes throughout the whole damn chapter.
I had read Su-chan's translation of the spoilers and I was still shocked at what happened! Well, I was mostly shocked because I really didn't think it was going to happen that easily.

Eventhough R!Syaoran hey we don't have to use R! and C! anymore to distinguish between the Syaorans because one is dead was able to stab FWR, I think it's going to take a bit more effort in making him GTFO.

I'm just wondering when the fuck C!Syaoran decided to help R!Syaoran. My guess is that C!Sakura had something to do with it ... I guess Fay will be able to get his eye back too? While I'm still wondering and guessing, I wonder if there will get MORE FLASHBACKS. This time we get flashbacks of when Cloney got a change of his non-heart. I had always thought that R!Syaoran was going to die. Baaaaw. I miss cloney ;-; 

It's really ending soon isn't it? ;-; This makes me sad. Fuck that shit. I bet it goes on for another year. I remember a year ago when everyone thought it was ending soon because of the shit that went down within the dream world. 
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My brother and my grandma are on taking our oldest dog to be put to sleep.

All I can think about right now is this post that I made back in July

I'm going to miss my dog so much.

I may edit this later and put in more details but I'm just too fucking sad right now.

My brother and grandmother are being fucking dicks and won't let me get the dog cremated.

My grandmother changed her mind and is ever so kind as to allow me to get the dog cremated. I just have to make sure that the place gets a check within 7 days.
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Well shit ... I had this posted up at midnight but for some reason it wasn't appearing on anyone's f-list.
This picture practically took me all day to draw. I was actually finished with it in about 3 hours but I kept trying to draw other things and that didn't turned out just as planned. All my attempts at trying to make it more festive were failures. I wanted to draw a little Santa-hat on the Mokona and I failed at that. I also tried drawing a gift bow around it but that failed as well. I hope the candycane and the green and red color combination is festive enough for you. In attempts to make it more festive I had to be a bitch and give you a blinding border!

Merry Christmas to everyone except Danny.
Danny can suck on Santa's jolly old balls! I'M STILL PISSED OFF AT YOU TELLING ME TO GET A TABLET!
I work on it all day trying to make it perfect then you mock my efforts, FUCK YOU DANNY!

Audrey, thank you for my book! It doesn't seem to be taking itself seriously. I'm only 35 pages into it and it's got some laffs.
"Your complexion almost looks human. You use a Dermablend foundation?"
"It's a vampire's best friend," I replied. "That and Maybelline."
"We could talk makeup tips all night like schoolgirls, but I'd prefer to know why you're in Denver."
I'm almost to the part with the playing or shooting of the nuts!

Hannah, thank you for delicious cookies! I have a snack for work tomorrow OM NOM NOM NOM. I think I like the chocolate chip ones the most. You put like GIANT chunks of chocolate in them, so good!

I'm off to wake up my mom now because Mellow has a playdate with Choi. I hope I make it back home in time so Mellow can meet Choi! Baaaw, I get to see Trigger too. Doggies! <3
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I learned a new battle tactic from the latest chapter of the Bleach manga.

This battle tactic has four easy steps.

  1. Unzip Jacket
  2. Flash Tits
  3. ???

If you're in a battle and your oppentent starts to become arrogant all you do is unzip your jacket, flash them your tits, then you attack them while they're distracted by the flashing.

Halibel Haliboobs demonstrates the first two steps.

Haliboobs has shows us in the first step that you trick them by making them think it's a reward.

Apparently, your powers increase once you unzip your jacket!
Illustrated reaction starting from Halibel's face to her Haliboobs.  )

I just love how her face is so such serious business. LIke at first you look at it then you're like HOFUCK BETTER NOT MESS WITH THAT! Then you just look at her "second face" and then you can't help but busting out laughing. It's just like SERIOUSLY?! WHAT ARE THOSE? PASTIES?! I think I'm now a Halibel fangirl and I fangirl Kubo even more because her face probably stopped a whole bunch of guys from fapping at her image.

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This entry is kind of fucking late because I had a rather traumatic conversation with a co-worker and I need some time to get over said conversation before telling yous alls abouts its.

My super official first day of work was November 23. My real first day was supposed to be November 15 but the fires in the area decided to cock block me from work. Anyway, it was uneventful because the ride that's next to us is closed so not many people come into our section. I was working as a cashier but I didn't get any customers because we were only opened for about half an hour.

My shift started at 11:00am and I think I got there around 11:25am because we have to clock-in at a different location. We're not really expected to be at our locations at the time our shift starts. We just have to clock-in at the Employment Service Office at that time. After clocking-in I take a stop at Cash Control because I work at an eatery. Everyone who works in the Food Services has to stop by there because God says so. We get some cash and we have to count it out before we leave because if some dumbass didn't count the cash out correctly before it got to you you're responsible for that person's screw up.

After doing all that shit I have to make hike all the way to my location. I'm on the other side of the park so it takes a while to walk there, especially because it's up a small hill. Yeah, this shit isn't like Knott's Berry Farm or Disneyland where they practically have a flat surface, they don't call it Magic fucking Moutain for nothing. However, I've been told that where we work at isn't that bad, even though it's a bit of a trek, because it's better than working in the middle of the park because you have to go up a giant hill.

I get there and everyone is kind of just standing around. I don't know what needs to be done and I'm just standing there like an idiot. After standing there for like what felt like forever, but was probably like 5 minutes, some dude tells me to set up my register and I'm like wtf how do I do that ... He tells some other guy to show me how to do it so I do that shit and I'm on a cash register. They ask me if I know what I'm doing and then I explain to them that it's my first day. So this foo is really helpful, I think his name is Chris but I'm not all too sure because I wasn't really paying attention to people's names even though everyone was wearing name-tags.

I'm just standing at the register and I don't know what to do still because we're not even open yet. I guess they open at 12:00pm and that was like half an hour away. Everyone just tells me that it doesn't get that busy and it's really easy and I have nothing to worry about. We open up and we get a couple costumers at it's about 12:30pm and some person walks in and tells us to close. I still have no clue wtf is going on so I'm just standing around. I still don't know what the fuck has to be done and even if I did know what to do, I don't know proper procedure in how it should be done.

I'm told to go take a break while everyone is cleaning up cause they're supposed to give us a break before they send us home ... or something ... I. have. no. fucking. clue. Then I don't even know where I'm supposed to go to take a break cause the big main giant break room is kind of fucking far. Then I'm told it's in the builing next to us and it's the last door. I make my way over and I'm not really believing them because the building is old looking and I'm thinking it's a prank. Turns out that I'm just too paranoid for my own good and it's really a break room. I call my mom during my break and tell her that she should be ready to pick me up soon because I heard them talking about sending everyone home.

When my break time is over I go back and I don't really have any clue as to what I should be doing. One of the guys tells me to just wipe down the counter. Those counters had to have been wiped down about ten times within past hour. This guy and me we're just kind of pretending to be busy so the lady won't say shit to us. This lady doesn't even know what the hell is supposed to be done because she's from another location and she's only with us because all the Leads and Supervisors are at some training crap.

Then I don't know how the hell this happened but I'm talking to this one guy. The convesation was so fucking awkward it's not even funny. We only exchanged like 5 sentences about how we don't know what to do and how we don't really like standing around without anything to do. Somehow the conversation turned really awkward and it went something like this:

Guy: Your shirt is really bright.
Me: Excuse me?
Guy: Your shirt, it's really bright.
Me: Aren't all the shirts really bright?
Guy: Yeah, I guess so.
Me: They're really bright and ugly.
Guy: You shouldn't say that about yourself.
Me: What? I didn't say anything about myself ... I just said the shirts were really bright and ugly.
Guy: Did you get your shirt dry cleaned?
Me: No ...
Guy: Is it new?
Me: I think it may be new. This is my first day.
Guy: I just started too.
Me: So your shirt's new too?
Guy: I forgot my apron and my name-tag.
Me: How did you get through ESO without that?
Guy: Did you iron your uniform?
Me: No ... I don't iron at all.
Guy: Well your uniform looks nice.
Me: Nice? These uniforms are so ugly.
Guy: You shouldn't say that.
Me: It's the truth though, they're ugly. Whoever invented beige pants was an idiot.
Guy: Your uniform looks nice and clean. You look nice.
Me: ... They're still ugly ... and thank you ... I think ...?

My guess is that foo was high because he was ignoring the questions I asked him and he was kind of repeating the same shit. He kept telling me my uniform was clean and it looked nice. I know I'm missing some of the conversation but that's basically what was said for about ten minutes. It was really fucking awkward and I only thanked him in the end so that he would shut the fuck up about how nice and clean my uniform was. I'm seriously hoping he was high and that it wasn't a failed attempt at him hitting on me. I was a bit uncomfortable too but most of the time my mind was like LOLWUT at the whole thing. My first day and I already have a creeper after me. T_T

After the creepily awkward conversation I volunteered myself to go wipe down the counters outside. When I came back in I was told I was going home and to lock up my money. I had no clue how to do that because we have stable papers to crap and whatever. That Chris dude showed me what to do and I hurried my ass out of the fucking place because creeper freaked me out. I made my merry way over to cash control and I clocked out at 2:47pm and waited to be picked up.

Since this entry is somewhat tl;dr I'm going to make another post during the week about how I hate my job and the rest of my first week at work.

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I know I'm not the only one who takes stupid quizzes when they're bored. The Einstein one made me laugh. XD

Brain Lateralization Test Results
Right Brain (45.2%) The right hemisphere is the visual, figurative, artistic, and intuitive side of the brain.
Left Brain (54.8%) The left hemisphere is the logical, articulate, assertive, and practical side of the brain
Are You Right or Left Brained?(word pair test)
personality tests by
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Today I was supposed to start my first day of work at the amusement park of hell. Said amusement park is actually full of amusement and shit but I'm sure I will soon dub it "amusement park of hell" once I actually start working there. I have only had two days of orientation on the 1st and 2nd of thise month and I already hate the place. I hate it because I am extremely fucking shallow.

The last time I went to this amusement park was back in 2004 during Spring Break. That fucker was so croweded that I didn't even notice what the fuck the employees wear. If I had known that the damn uniform consisted of beige pants I would have never applied to this god forsaken place. I made a promise to myself to never work at a place that required me to wear beige pants. Whoever was the first person to use the color beige in a textile needs to be brought back to life -- because I'm sure they're dead -- and killed again one-hundred times over.

It's a sad thing because a lot of companies do require beige pants. I don't know why. It's a fucking ugly color so I don't know why it's used so much. I guess the good thing is that I don't have to wear white pants. Although, white pants do look much better than beige pants but I would never wear white pants. Actually, I don't even wear white blouses. The last time I worse a white blouse was five years ago when I was in junior high band. Nothing wrong with white clothing, I just prefer to avoid because that shit can get all kinds of fucked up.

That's only one of the reasons why I hate this job, the fucking pants. Next reason, the fucking shirt. This year the amusement park of hell changed their shirts from a nice lovely blue color to some fucking hightlighter yellow. I know what you're thinking, you're thinking that I'm exaggerating the hell out of that shit and it cannot possibly be highlighter yellow. I shit you not. It is fucking hightlighter yellow. It's a fucking sick and ugly highlight yellow. If I turned off the lights that shit would glow in the dark. It's so bright and it's got that sickly neon green undertone to it. Just thinking about it makes me want to hurl. 

During orientation we were told that they changed the shirts from blue to fucking. highlighter. yellow. because they received complaints from park visitors that they could not find any employees to ask for help. That is truly a perfect example of, "It takes one person to ruin it for everyone." Thanks to the douche bag vistors of the theme park that did not bother to open up their fucking map, and did not lern2reed said fucking map, you have around 3,000 employees doomed to fucking shirts the color of highlighter yellow. I bet someone bitches about how the shirt is too bright and the sun reflected off of the shirt and blinded them or some shit. I'm not lying about that either. That shit casts off a fucking nasty ass yellow glow and I'm sure it has a lot to do with the type of meterial it's made from. I'm not even sure what that material is, but it has to be some synthetic crap.

There's one more extra thing about the shirts that makes them so unbearable. The back of the shirt just makes everything worse. The park is really big on family and crap -- I just think they're trying to compete with Disneyland -- and they want to provide a safe and clean environment. They're really big on the clean part, they totally have this gay motto that goes, "Don't pass it up, pick it up." As employess, no matter you're department, if you see a piece of trash you need to stop everything you're doing and pick it up. No complaints there, I like clean shit so I'm not complaining about that. The thing that I do have a problem with though is the fact that the back of the shirt looks like this: 

Yeah, the shirt looks more green because I took the picture with my cellphone. At least you can see what I'm talking about when I mentioned the sick, ugly, green undertone of the highlighter yellow. You fuckers are lucky I only have a cellphone because that shit is BRIGHT. The shit that got cut off was a little trash can and the universal no-smoking sign.

That's basically my main beef with the uniforms and why I hate my job so much already. There's just a couple other things but I'll try to explain it in as few words as possible because this shit is already tl;dr, but you guys love that. The other thing I hate is this no-smoking button we have to wear. It's one of those big ones that's like 1.5 inches big. Then I have to wear a beige visor. I only hate that because I don't like wearing hats and I've never worn a fucking visor in my damn life. The next is the apron we have to wear. Well, I love and hate the apron. I like it because it covers up most of the ugly uniform in the front but I hate the cut of it. It makes my breasts look all weird, like they're trying to eat the apron or something and my breasts aren't that big. There is also the fact that my shirt is too large and I could use it as a pajama shirt. My pants are also too big, I'm pretty sure I can slip them off without unzipping or unbuttoning them if I tried. The reason for the big shirts is because they're switching out the old ones and they still have to order more, so I really can't complain there. I just don't fucking know why my pants are too big, I'm just glad I didn't get fucking stuck with high waters.

Now it's time to jump back to my first day that did not happen. I was going to leave at 11:20 am to catch the bus at 11:45 am to get to work at 12:45 pm so that I could clock in at 2:00 pm. As I was getting ready to leave I couldn't find the ugly visor. By the time I found it and locked up the apartment it was 11:43 am and I knew I wasn't going to catch the 11:45 am bus. No worries though because there is another line that goes to the where I need to get going. That bus was to leave at 12:15 pm to get me there at 1:25 pm. So I'm waiting for the bus and the wind is blowing because the wind here in this city is a dick and all it does is blow. That made me glad that I have my over-sized park issued bomber jacket to keep me warm from the winds. I don't understand how these people go about in short-sleeved shirts ... 

As I was waiting for the bus I was listening to M.I.A. because M.I.A. makes me happy. So I'm waiting and waiting and waiting and it's 12:20 and the bus should have been here by now. I'm thinking I'm fucked over if that bus is late because I've never rode on the busses over here and they're really inefficient because the only people that ride them are the Mexicans. All the stupid white people have their cars so they don't need the bus. I'm waiting and thinking to myself that if this was fucking LA that a damn fucking bus would have passed by now and that had me missing LA. Once it hit 11:30 and I was finished listening to Arular by M.I.A. I decided to check my cellphone to make sure I had the number to call just in case I was late.

I had two missed calls and two voicemails. The one call had an area code I didn't recognize and I was just like WTF? So I checked my voicemail and one is from my mom telling me to call her and that's not important information I'm just putting that in because I get paid per every word I type. The other call was an automated message informing me that the park has been closed early due to the fires and that if I was scheduled to work that I do not need to come in. There I was, at the bus stop and I was glad that I missed that 11:45 am bus or else I would have been half way to the park. After the message I immediately headed my ass back home.

That's how I'm lucky.
Last night I was stressing my self the fuck out and worrying about starting today and I was like hofuck the bus and goddamn this city and I hate everything. I was being a major pussy and I worried myself so much that I felt like I was going to throw up. I just get completely lost in new evironments and I don't know what the fuck to do. Fuck, I haven't even been in this goddamn city for a month so I don't know much about it except that the fucking white people on Prozac have giant ass cars and they all drive fucking crazy.
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I started to write this story that was mocking Twilight and the writing style that Stephenie Meyer uses. Srsly. Fucking Twatlight is redudant as hell. Not only is it redudant, but there are waaaay to many fucking details that aren't even needed. Sometimes we even get details that people don't need to know. I don't know about you, but I know that I do not want to fucking read (nor do I need to know) about how Edward's breath smells like a York peppermint pattie. btw, his breath smells so good that you can taste it and it makes your mouth water because it's a York candy ...

Anyway, I was writing this with my dear Enpii as the character so I could get out of making up the plot and shit that most stories, unlike Twilight, have. I started writing this on Semptember 19th and I have not written anything further than what I wrote on that day. Yeah, I fucking fail because I didn't finish it but I think what I have can distract you all from how much I fail. =D
Oh. I also didn't read through it to edit it or anything so if there are mistakes that's because I'm lazy. =D

Without further adieu, I present to you ...


I will tell you tale of which I am in the middle of. There is no need to tell you of the beginning because it's a complicated thing. A complicated thing of which I don't like speaking of in speaking. It's also totally unique, unique and special like a snowflake, to not start at the beginning of tales. The only thing that's really important is Unicorns. That's right. Unicorns.

Unicorns are wonderful creatures that are very wonderfulingly wonderful. Although I'm not sure if I like them for their wonderful nature or because they have a phallic looking appendage on their head. Whatever the reason my love is for them will not be known. Sometimes things don't need reasons and they are the reasons because that's the way things are.

The most magnificent unicorn is Le Grand Unicorn of Lulzlandiah. You couldn't tell by the name that this was a grander Unicorn of all the Unicorns to have ever existed. Names should never fool you -- many of the great Unicorns before Le Grand Unicorn had very plain names. There was once a great Unicorn named Jessica. I remember there were other creatures named Jessica, even people too -- human people.
I often wondered why Le Grand Unicorn was called Le Grand Unicorn. The Grand Unicorn is a better name to suit the grandness of this Unicorn. Le Grand sounds like a name that is from a foreign land, a foreign land that possibly eats bread in the shape of crescents -- crescents like the crescent moon. Maybe the people in that foreign land wear berets and in that land a phallic looking structure -- made of some type of strong material that is strong by the hands of people with hands -- that the land is wellingly known for.

From now on Le Grand Unicorn will now be called The Grand Unicorn. I will do this for no particular reason. If I would have to think of a reason that reason may just be so that the character count of this story will be increased by one for every time The Grand Unicorn is brought up. It is a very well known fact that nowadays, the days of now, that authors get advance payments by the number of characters in their documents. That was how a certain author was paid three-quarters of a million dollars in advanced for a saga about Vampires that aren't Vampires. I'm not sure if this is true because I've never researched it in research -- research is only for geeks, the geeks with glasses that look geeky.

Now that I have had time to think of The Grand Unicorn, formerly known as Le Grand Unicorn, in thoughts I can continue thinking thought of why the thought of The Grand Unicorn is the central most important thing of importancy. The shockingly truthful truth is that I am on a mission. An important mission that involves such importance that it must be a mission. It could also be called a quest. I'll just call it a mission so that I can secretly think I'm a spy -- like a spy from a land that is very well known for drinking vodka and two singers that pretended they were lesbians, except they weren't because one of them got pregnant.

This quest mission involves saving The Grand Unicorn -- formerly known as Le Grand Unicorn -- of Lulzlandiah from the every so horrible place that is called Shittymeyerland. Shittymeyerland is very dangerous and shitty land full of moving pillars of marble. This land is also ruled by a most fearsome evil wizard that is full of evil. This evil wizard is named Jamie Riley. I think Jamie Riley's bitter evilness came from the fact that Jamie wasn't sure what gender they were. No one was sure. No. One.

I heard rumors that Jamie's name was Riley before and that it wasn't the last name because that last name could also be a first name. The Riley had changed their name to Jamie because Jamie is a unisex name. Depending on how much light there was in a room, or how much light the sun provided during the times of day, Jamie would be called a woman and sometimes Jamie would be called a man. Many people often wondered why Jamie Riley just never stuck his/her hand down his/her pants to find out whether or not they were a male or female. I think Jamie Riley is just really afraid to know their own gender -- whether or not their sex chromosomes were XX or XY. It was quite an amazing and baffling phenomenon.

Jamie Riley is really pissed off because they really need a good lay. Jamie Riley can't have sex until his/her gender is discovered so that they know which gender would be the correct gender that the majority of people say is correct to sleep with. Out of sexual frustration, Jamie Riley sent Edwardsanthestupid and her concubine, Stephanie Meyers -- Stephanie Meyers should not be confused with Stephenie Meyer because they are two different people with two different names that are very differently spelled -- to capture The Grand Unicorn of Lulzlandiah.


Nov. 4th, 2008 08:06 pm
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I'm insanely happy.
Now I don't have to feel horrible because I wasn't able to vote.

Thank you Hannah love for voting for me!