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This whole post is dedicated to [profile] claim_solaris 

I had originally planned on explaining the name Drunken Koala in my user profile, but I didn't. My second plan was going to be posting an entry about it but I'm lazy as fuck. Since I was asked last night about it by Claim Solaris and my explanation failed, I promised an entry about it. 

Despite my name, I don't support underage drinking, or even the people of drinking age to get drunk. Drunk people are not cool, but they're fun to fuck with -- unless they happen to be mean drunks. I get drunk phone calls every single fucking night by a certain someone. Then there's also the stupid shit where people act like whores and use the excuse that they were "drunk" or "under the influence" to excuse their shitty behavior. If you were really that plastered and high enough, you wouldn't even remember what the fuck you did that needed covering up with shit-ass excuses. 

That's enough of my drunk rant. I'm certain that I may be ranting about "drunk" people before the year is through. Look forward to a continuation in these upcoming months. 

Drunken Koala came from a character named Sobre in Pandect. Pandect is a webcomic by Dina Situ and it's about animal stuff ... It just takes too long for me to explain. All you have to know is that there are animals that have acquired souls. Well, it's more like the ability to freely think on their own and they're conscious of their existance. They're able to switch into a human form from their animal form. 

I'm sure you can guess what Sobre is then. 
If you guessed a koala, you're not a dumbass! =D 

Sobre is my favorite character in Pandect because he's hilarious. He first meets the main character in the Hall of Shame. Students who break the rules have to wear a sign that says why they got in trouble and they're put on display for the whole school to see. 
Since I'm too lazy to type and explain the rest I will provide you with links. Sobre's first appearance. 
I think this is his first appearance I'm too lazy to go through and check. Why Sobre is in the Hall of Shame. 
Nearly four years later and that is still my favorite page in the comic.

How can you not like a character that tried to poison their teacher and doesn't keep their rude opinions tho themselves? I also like him cause I think his hair is cute. There's also the fact that I thought his pillow meant no male and female relations. Turns out it says "NO HUMANS" under the male and female being crossed out, but that's still win. He's crazy and stirs up shit and that's why he's my favorite Pandect character.

tldr; Sobre is a koala and is not Sobre like his name 
I'm also a hypocrite because I only support underage drinking and drunkeness in fiction but not IRL
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Why did I get a Live Journal?
I WAS FREAKING BORED! The Drunken Koala wouldn't stfu either ... foking Koala -_-

Eh ... if there are people that actually view this there won't be many updates ... I think I'll just ending up posting the blogs that I have on myspace to here ... Too lazy to come up with some new ones, yush I teh sucketh.

I guess that's all *poof*



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