Mar. 6th, 2009

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 Bleach. what. the. fuck.

This is a perfectly good opportunity for Ichigo to die.

Then what the hell is that shit with Ulquiorra. LOLOLOL I'M REALLY THE STRONGEST ONE.  

I swear, [info]capslock_bleach is the only reason I'm still reading this shit.

Bleach used to be good, if you overlooked all the shounen bullshit. I just think every thing has started to go downhill after Aizen defected. I just don't like how they were going on about how strong the Arrancar and Espada were than the Shinigami. Then you have Vizards thrown into the mix too. They make it sound like the power tier goes like: Hollows, all the shit between Hollows and Arrancar, Shinigami, Arrancar, Shinigami Captains, Espada, Vizard, Vasto Lorde.

They made it sound like the Arrancar were the equivalent of Captains. Then all these Vice-Captains go to kick some Arrancar ass and they're getting their asses kicked. Sounds really interesting since the Espada are the 10 strongest Arrancar and they're numbered by how powerful they are. Sounds like Soul Society will be in some deep shit. Then out of nowhere, power-boost. Turns out that every thing was a lie.

I just find it really hard to believe that Aizen wouldn't have tipped his children off about how strong the Shinigami really are. He should also know all the tricks Soul Society has up its sleeve. Yeah sure, Aizen may not give a damn about all the Espda and Arrancar dying, but they're going to cause a distraction so he can do whatever the fuck it is he has to do. Why wouldn't he want them to be well informed so that they can carry out the ass-kicking for as long as possible.

Ugh whatever, Aizen is going to be defeated and Ichigo will never die.


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