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Every. single. time. something is revealed we only end up with more confusion and questions than we do with answers.

I give up on trying to make sense of it. I really do.
I wonder if CLAMP meant for TRC to ever make sense.

Don't even get me started on Holic. I gave up on that ages ago.

At least we can all rejoice that CCS Sakura and Syaoran aren't dead?

The art was really pretty in this chapter.
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 Bleach. what. the. fuck.

This is a perfectly good opportunity for Ichigo to die.

Then what the hell is that shit with Ulquiorra. LOLOLOL I'M REALLY THE STRONGEST ONE.  

I swear, [info]capslock_bleach is the only reason I'm still reading this shit.

Bleach used to be good, if you overlooked all the shounen bullshit. I just think every thing has started to go downhill after Aizen defected. I just don't like how they were going on about how strong the Arrancar and Espada were than the Shinigami. Then you have Vizards thrown into the mix too. They make it sound like the power tier goes like: Hollows, all the shit between Hollows and Arrancar, Shinigami, Arrancar, Shinigami Captains, Espada, Vizard, Vasto Lorde.

They made it sound like the Arrancar were the equivalent of Captains. Then all these Vice-Captains go to kick some Arrancar ass and they're getting their asses kicked. Sounds really interesting since the Espada are the 10 strongest Arrancar and they're numbered by how powerful they are. Sounds like Soul Society will be in some deep shit. Then out of nowhere, power-boost. Turns out that every thing was a lie.

I just find it really hard to believe that Aizen wouldn't have tipped his children off about how strong the Shinigami really are. He should also know all the tricks Soul Society has up its sleeve. Yeah sure, Aizen may not give a damn about all the Espda and Arrancar dying, but they're going to cause a distraction so he can do whatever the fuck it is he has to do. Why wouldn't he want them to be well informed so that they can carry out the ass-kicking for as long as possible.

Ugh whatever, Aizen is going to be defeated and Ichigo will never die.

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I'm going to be gone this whole weekend. My mom is having me take some test for the state. I don't even know why she wants me to take it. I have to hear her baw about how the state cut two days of pay every month. This test is for the position of an Office Assistant.

I don't even know why they have people take a test for the position of an Office Assistant. Unless they've had morons apply before? All I know about the test is that it's some easy stuff. I'm pretty sure a 7th grader could pass it. That's another thing, my mom is telling me to study for the test. I'm like alskdjlakjsdlk how the hell do I study for some test I know nothing about.

I don't remember anything telling me about what would on the test during the application process. I just know that when my mom was preparing to take her Office Technician (this is next level from Office Assistant) test she stole my high school exit exam study guides. Not like I needed them because an 8th grader is able to pass that test and we take it in 10th.

Anyway, I'm just more like wtf over this whole test business. I've tried doing what my mom has told me before. She told me to apply for Six Flags, I did. I was hired on the spot and then I get the news that they're only open on the weekend in the fall and winter. Now I'm going to take this test, pass, and then I won't hear anything back about job position until like 3 months for now. My mom told me that it takes 4 to 6 weeks to get the results back from the test. This whole thing is ridiculous.

I think the real reason why I'm bothered about this whole thing is that we're staying at her friend's house for two nights. It's going to be extremely awkward. Then my mom is telling me that if a position opens up near where her friend lives and I get hired that I could move in with him so I'll be closer. That's just really really really weird.

I'm thinking my mom just wants to get rid of me or something, which she can't. Believe me, I'm in the same boat as her. I want to GTFO out of this place but I can't because I have to baby sit my mom. I can't fucking wait until I get to move back to my grandparents' house. What would be even better would be getting an apartment with my friends. The latter is probably never going to happen but I can dream!

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Kyoko, our 'friend' who knows the ending to the FMA manga has a valid reason! I'll share that reason in a bit, first you have to sit through a bit of my ranting.

I ended up asking her for the ending of X and an explaination of TRC and its ending aswell. While I was hoping for some wank and a little arguing (cause that's really what the interwebz is all about) everything didn't go as planned. I must have fucked up somewhere while typing out that PM to her. The fails, I has it -- I think. I thought for sure my message to her had some sarcasm that couldn't go undetected. Either this bitch is fucking with me, she's nucking futs, or I failed. Since I'm all types of awesome I have to go with 'she's nucking futs.' Why must she be fucking nuts? I don't like the idea of getting played by a fucking 14 year old bitch and I'm all kinds of awesome so I don't fail.

This was the message that I sent her:
This is taken from one of your replies in the FMA manga thread.

"I've actually heard about how the manga ends before but I'm not spoiling anything."

Since you seem to be able to have some type of powers that allows you to see into the future; can you please tell me the ending of the manga X (X/1999). This manga has been on hiatus for a little more than five years. I'm very eager to know the ending since it currently does not have an ending. Also, can you please explain the manga of Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE. There is really a lot of confusion going on in it at the moment. I'd just like to what's really going on since you are able to see things that don't exist.

How can you read that and NOT think you're beingmade fun of?!
Then she replied with WALL OF TEXT! I was just going to skip over her reply and not read it all since it was really long. I don't even know why the hell I decided to read it. My reasons must have been a combination of lacking a life outside the house and morbid curiosity.

I give you fair warning now; IT CANNOT BE UNREAD!
I'm also nice enough to place it behind a cut. Have fun reading ~

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My friend linked me to an article about America's Unhealthiest Drinks. 

You know that Vitamin Water everyone loves? Well that's on the list. The say that drink has nearly as much sugar and calories that a can of soda has. Although, that's comparing a 20 oz bottle of Vitamin Water to an 8 oz. can of soda ... I think it would have been better if they actually compared 8 oz of this drink to 8 oz of soda. Now all these people are going to think that drinking soda is better than drinking Vitamin Water. They also make tiny bottles of Vatimin Water. I'm not exactly sure how many ounces they are, but something tells me 6 oz I don't really feel like looking this up because this isn't really the point of this entry. 

I just brought that up because I like Vitamin Water, especially in the little tiny bottles. 
I was already aware of how much sugar and calories it had in it before I read that little article.
Seriously, if people are really worried about calorie and sugar consumption I think they would read the lable. 

Time for the monster drink of all drinks. 

The Unhealthiest Drink in America is ... *cues drum roll* 

Taa-daa!  ~~~~ ~~~~  Baskin Robbin's Large Heath Bar Shake

In comes in at a whopping 32 ounces of pure sugary-fatty goodness.
This whole drink contains 2,310 calories. I'm sure you are all aware that this ONE drink is more than the daily recommened calorie intake.
"According to the FDA, the average American takes in 82 grams of added sugars every day." With that in mind, this drink has 3 times as many grams of sugar that the average American consumes in one day -- 266 grams of sugar to be exact. Just the thought of that much sugar in ONE drink is making my teeth rot. There are also 108 grams of fat and 64 grams of saturated fat. On the up side, the drink seems to be rich in Vitamin A and Calcium. 

Just thinking of all that sugar is giving me a stomach ache. I just can't imagine someone actually drinking that whole entire monstrosity. Then people wonder why America is over-weight.. Seriously ... 

Well, the good thing is that this won't be around for much longer. 
It's supposed to be on its way out in about a week or sooner. 

D=    I think I just gained a couple of pounds by looking at the picture and reading the nutritional information.

I think Americans should be given free Wiis along with the Wii Fitness game in a national campaign towards fighting obesity. =D 
Okay, so I just want a damn fucking Wii ... ;o;   All that economic stimulus money could have gone to providing me with a Wii ... D=

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There really needs to be some qualifications for Mother's Day. 

Getting drunk and then bitching at me because your life didn't turn out JUST AS PLANNED, disqualifies you. 
Deciding to visit your dick on Mother's Day instead of me, disqualifies you.  
Acting like the child instead of the parent, disqualifies you. 

Maybe if you planned to come over I would have gotten you something. 
I don't want to hear you cry about how I didn't get you anything for Mother's Day this year or last year. 
Even if I did get you something, you'd be happier with a bottle of vodka. 

I'm not old enough to legally get you some vodka, so sorry about that.
Sorry for being such a horrible spawn. 

Here's to next year!           
You'll eventually get it right. 
It's never too late to act like a real mother! =D 

Too bad you can't understand why I'm so on the fence with you. 
It's not very fun hearing about how you don't have to be my mom anymore, at least once a week for the past year. 
Since you feel like you are no longer obligated by law to act like a mother, I'm not obligated to celebrate a day for you.

Haha, I just love how I just portrayed mother as an uncaring alcoholic. 
She's been so not ftw for the past couple of years, that's where all the faux-hate comes from.  
Poor mom, she tries so hard but can never get it right. I love her, I really do -- only when she's not drunk. 

You know, I think the person who invented Mother's Day was the kid who picked on the little orphan that was abandoned by both parents. 
The little orphan was abandoned because the parents were still in high school and everything didn't go as planned. 
I think this may be the same person who invented Father's Day.    Nice going there douche bag. 

I can't wait until Father's Day to share some choice words. =D
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I don't understand this ...

"Silent for Lawrence King: Please understand my reasons for not speaking today. I am participating in the Day of Silence (DOS), a national youth movement bringing attention to the silence faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their allies. My deliberate silence echoes that silence, which is caused by anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment. This year’s DOS is held in memory of Lawrence King, a 15 year-old student who was killed in school because of his sexual orientation and gender expression. I believe that ending the silence is the first step toward building awareness and making a commitment to address these injustices. Think about the voices you are not hearing today. What are you going to do to end the silence?"

Umm ... yeaaaah .... 
They're trying to break silence WITH silence.    WHAT THE HELL 

I just don't think it's very effective. Those people that do bully and harass others that are different from them obviously don't take the time to listen and think about why others are different and accept those differences. If they don't listen to words, why would they listen to silence? 
It's like trying to make people become aware of anorexia by going on a hunger strike.

I do understand that this is just used in the cause for awareness. It's not effective. The Day of Silence has been taking place ONCE a year in April since 1996. How is ONE day, out of 365 days (366 days for leap year), of silence effective in causing awareness? Obviously they've got the mad skills on the silence because I didn't even learn about this until today.

If your school is holding an event great, participate. If your school IS NOT holding an event, then you're just going to look extremely stupid, good luck with that because I'm sure you'll be harassed in the near future. 

Instead of focusing on the differences and trying to draw attention to those differences I think it would be better if this was against the intolerance of ALL hate. Victims, no matter the situation, are mostly silent about being harassed. In the end we're all human, we're the same. Why is there a need to fixate on differences? Aren't the victims silent because they feel that they are different? 

Sorry, I don't have anything against gays, lesbians, bisexuals, or transgender peoples, but I think that those (who may or may not be one or any or all of the above) who think this is effective while doing this on their own are extremely stupid. 
Just like love, stupidity transcends all boundaries. 

Also, what's up with HELP IN THE CAUSE FOR THE CURE OF CANCER or HELP IN THE CAUSE FOR A CURE FOR AIDS. Is one of these more important than the other? Both are chronically life-threatening ... Why isn't there a HELP IN THE CAUSE FOR BAD SHIT THAT WILL FUCK UP YOUR BODY AND MAKE YOU DIE QUICKER? I absolutely HATE it when people choose to not be involved in a cause unless it affects them directly or indireclly. I suppose it's just human nature. Most people don't get involved with things unless it's for their best interest. You don't need a connection in order to help support worthy causes. 


Didn't anyone learn anything from the opening of The Lion King? Well, I suppose not, since it's unlikey that the stonned, canabis-loving, over the top, crazy Peta activist would have watched The Lion King because ANIMATED animals die in the movie. 

I say this again, stupidity transcends all boundaries.
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... I just read  the spoilers for  Chaptire 188 ... and umm .... yeaaaaaah .... 
I think that's all I really have to say about it..
The ridiculousness has left me pretty much speechless, as well as rantless. 

TRC should really stand for Totally -RIDICUlous CHRoNoLOGY- 
One can only take so much shit coming from out of letf field. 

Good thing I watched that episode of The Universe on time travel. 
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Ummm ... so I was like watching this movie called The Plague and I didn't even get past 15 minutes of it.
Shitty batshit movies are just shitty.

Actually, it was called Clive Barker's The Plague, either way it still sucked like a plague.Generally speaking, if the first 5 minutes of a movie includes a bunch of comatose kids wriggling all over the floor due to seizures, that's not a good sign. The movie was a bit interesting at first. There was this "plague" that affected all the kids around the world under the age of nine. This plague or whatever put all the kids in a vegetative state. 

Ten years later, this shit is still infecting children and governments are enforcing the use of birth control because they don't want to add a billion more vegetables. There is no sign of anything changing for the infected kids and they just sit there doing NOTHING. Most of them lay around in beds hooked up to IVs in their school gymnasiums with nurses baby sitting them. Some of the kids, now teenagers, are sitting at home being spoonfed by their parents.

Then it dawned on me, this is going to be some shit-ass zombie movie. I had feared this at first with the modern day setting and the catatonia, but shit man, a girl can dream! Really now, I thought this movie would have busted out some medieval ass vampires during THE PLAGUE -- THE BUBONIC PLAGUE, but alas, my dreams were not meant to be ... That's the last time I'm inferring what a movie is about by it's title and short misleading synopsis.

This is what my tv told me the movie was about: 
Left comatose for ten years, teenagers awaken to possess strange powers and a thirst for blood.

Yeah, the red flares should have gone up there. Most movies involving teenagers are shitty. I really hoped that the whole 'camatose for ten years' thing was really incorrect information. Really, teenagers/ten years of comatose should have been the signs that there wasn't going to be some elegant blood thirsty undead sexy beasts.  

Unfortunately 'thirst for blood' was the incorrect information. 
I BELIEVED IN YOU!  ... Fucking shit should have said brains NOT blood!  >O

I'm just glad that I stopped watching that shit before I actually got to the zombies.
I need no further warning after seeing a catatonic teenage boy with dark circles around his eyes being spoonfed by his weary father. I would have been fucking retarded to keep on watching after that. 
Zombies are so not sexy. 

I feel fucking stupid now ...

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I'm looking at you Ticketmaster. 

This is just sad ... $27.50 ---> $42.95

This does NOT make things better. In fact, I think this just makes things worse. Fucking iTunes and iPod is all shit. 
I take this as an insult.

Wry must the rape charging still continue? ;o;
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I'll start off by posting the lyrics to The Deeper Vileness by Dir en Grey. 

I have fun listening to your lies...
I shout out joy and you shout for help
Fuck! I hate you!
Dear God, You're a MOTHERFUCKER
Death for All. Death for All
I'm your worst nightmare
Fuck off! I wanna die!

I don't even think of you as my friend

You deceived me and sold me out
Take off that mask of rectitude!
Pretender that hurts one's eyes,
voice that jars on one's ear

Fuck 'em all without a care
Fake rock wannabies... just die

I don't even think of you as my friend

The maze, it's so cold
I'll die in a world of lies and deceits

By tomorrow I'll be in despair
It was destined

I have fun listening to your lies...
I shout out joy and you shout for help
Fuck! I hate you!
Dear God, You're a MOTHERFUCKER
Death for All. Death for All
I'm your worst nightmare,
Fuck off! I wanna die!

I don't even think of you as my friend

The maze, it's so cold
I'll die in a world of lies and deceits

Let's have a moment of silence to take in the lyrics ...  
I believe that's enough time to reflect over those words. 
If you don't know by now where this is going you're fucking stupid and you fail at life due to fact that you're a fucking retard. 

There is a particular line that sticks out to me, 'Take of that mask of rectitude!' -- this is really what this whole mini-rant boils down to. I really hate it when people act like they have high morals and self-righteous when they really aren't. Hypocrisy doesn't go down well in my books. I am aware of the fact that most people are hypocritical but I believe that there are limits as to how much a person can condradict one's self. 

Maybe it's just a political thing? hint hint hint

I just suppose I'll never understand how some people think. For instance, some girls adamantly claim that they're not desperate for a guy, then they go off flirting with everything that has a penis. It gets really hilarious when they complain about not having a beau. Then they go on about how much they would like for a guy to just come up to them and make some sort of declaration about some shit. 

Can someone please tell me how fantasizing about dating some random theoretical guy does not lead to 'not desperate' about wanting a boyfriend? This isn't a big issue, but it's annoying. Little annoyances tend to pile upon eachother and then they become VERY fucking annoying. I'm not going to waste my time all at once explaining all the little things I find annoying about people. 

I can go on and get more indepth about people that are down right hypocrites and explain my thoughts about it, but I'm not. The song itself was enough to explain my views, but I'm dramatically less angry about it. As much as I like to complain and rant about random shit for fun, I'd rather not think any further about how much this actually pisses me off. I would like to very much believe that there is some tiny sliver of hope in people.

tl;dr  i fucking hate people that are fake
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First I want to start off by saying -- FUCK THAT SHIT annnnd I DON'T GIVE A FUCKING DAMN. 

Short overview:
I was marked off the appointment sheet.
I wasn't officially marked off because the teacher has to OK it. 
I didn't know this but I informed the rececptionist that I was no longer taking clients. 
Teacher gave me absent person's clients.
Teacher sucks, clients sucks, they're all on crack. 
I left. 
Not enough people to take clients. 
I'm a bitch, yeys! 

All the facts told from my point of view but not in order of the overview:
You know, my class isn't so bad. I'm only there for 6 hours a day, five days a week, and I have to stay there for 600 hours and complete various credits, booklets, and modules. Once we've completed all our credits on that ugly little yellow timecard we can be taken off the appointment sheet. We can also just be scheduled for wax and make-up only if we we're not finished with those credits when we complete our facial credits. I happen to be in the latter category.

Last week I had asked Marii to mark me off the appointment sheet and that I wouldn't be taken any clients. I had my shit taken care of. I figured that I have enough of those scary ass diagrams in the stupid make-up booklet to complete for my make-up credits, so I'm cool on that. I'm not lying either, I'm avoiding those diagrams as much as I can. Scary diagrams are scary. All the drawings of those faces on the diagrams look like ladies that are/were coked out and are/were in prison. Scary ass shit man, I get nightmares when I look at them. You better thank god that I don't have a scanner cause I would have totally put pictures of that shit for all of you to see. Well ... I think the nightmarishness of it would break my computer so I am also thankful that I don't have a scanner. 

Getting back on topic ... I also have four more waxing assignments in my senior module and I think it would be enough for me to complete my waxing credits. If not, I can use the wax in my kit, or the wax Betsie left for us to use, and do a quick eyebrow or upper-lip wax on somebody in class. Since I just want to focus on those make-up diagrams, waxing, and senior module, I wanted to be completely taken off the appointment sheet. However, Elena, Anabel, and Evelyn didn't show up for class. Mrs. Railey gave me Evelyn's clients. FUCK THAT SHIT so I left when the client came in. 

Frankly, I'm fucking DONE -- D - O - N - E -- DONE with clients all together until I work in a salon and get paid for being treated like crap and dealing with psycho clients. I don't care if there aren't enough people to take the clients, it's not my problem. I know I'm being a bitch and totally selfish but I'm not getting paid for this. I gain NOTHING by taking this client. The last two weeks of Febuary I had some crazy ass clients who wanted to change in the middle of clinic, complained about a water-based gel mask being too cold, complained about the room being too cold, complained that they were running late then they bust out a curling iron after their facial to do their hair and etc. etc. etc.  

I've been taking clients since mid-November and I started my class mid-August. I just want to hurry up and get my ass out of this fucking class. Thanks to the vacations it's taking me longer to complete the class. The teacher isn't bad but she's crazy. She's just so scattered brained and doesn't really inform us about what we're supposed to do and what's going on. 

I just found out today that we have to ask the teacher if we can be taken off the appointment sheet. Marii told her that I asked to be taken off, and bless Marii because she marked me of for this week and next week. However, Mrs. Railey told Marii AND NOT ME that we have to ask her first to be taken off. WTF IS UP WITH THAT SHIT?! Why couldn't she have just come to me and confronted me about wanting to be taken off the appointment sheet? She knows I want off and I'm clearly marked off, why can't she accept that? 

It's not even a matter of her not knowing that I've completed my facial credits. She signs our timecards EVERY single damn night. It would have taken her not more than 1 minute of her time to look and my facial credits and acknowledge the fact that I've completed them and then bring up the topic of being marked off the appointment sheet. This is fucking crazy, she expects me read her mind and know about all these damn unwritten rules which she may or may not have told us about. If she mentions that it's in the Skin Care Policies then FUCK YOU BITCH. The last time I read that was mid-November when I transitioned from being a freshman to a senior. I don't need to remember those useless policies because it mostly talks about when you're at the desk playing the part of the receptionist. It doesn't take much effort or direction to pick up the phone and schedule people. It's not hard, I don't even understand why there are policies about answering a fucking phone. 

I was talking to Crystal about it too, and she told me not to worry about. She did agree with me that there's all this shit about these rules that we don't about because Mrs. Railey doesn't even talk about it. We were also joking about how it's hard to talk to her in the first place. Most of the time she's doing something, giving a lecture to the freshman, and whatever the hell else she does. Sometimes you'll go to her and ask her a question and she'll just hold a finger up to you and tell you, "In a minute, I'm busy." Then you're like ooookaaaay wtf ... then she never gets back to you! There's also times when you ask her something and she'll have a blank look on her face and she's not doing anything and she'll tell you, "I'm not listening. I'm not here right now." WHAT. THE. FUCK.

I made an example and said that if I was to stab Janice (no hate against Janice, she's cool and we pick on eachother but I just said her name since she walked by) and she's bleeding all over the place and needs medical attention NOW that Mrs. Railey would just say, "Oh, tell me later. I'm in the middle of doing something. Write a note and leave it on my desk." and then Mrs. Railey wouldn't even get to note until five hours after the incident. My note that I left would say, "I stabbed Janice. Going to jail, cancel all my appointments. I'll come back in 15 years. Although, may possible be 25 to life, I'll give you call." I'm just a bit worried about tomorrow, hopefully Mrs. Railey will forget all about it. Crystal told me she'll forget about it five seconds after I've left. We now have a nickname for Mrs. Raily -- The Goldfish. Our teacher is just that bad and it really sucks. 

Damn, I'm fucking addicted to Suicide Kiss by Rolly. GET OUT OF MY HEAD! The song is eerily addictive.
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This little incident happened over the interwebz a couple weeks ago, but it still pisses me off. This girl she's a total bitch and an attention whore. She also totallyed maimed lolita with her attempt. I'm not trying to be a rori-eritist, but srsly this shit is like totally unacceptable.

Basically I'm going to just copy and paste what was posted on the forum ... my thoughts

This is the dress I bought from linglam-
I wore Lolita to school for the first time. The outfit was comfy, so where the boots. (I didn't wear the hat to school, but I did for the pictures). Most of the teachers loved it. The students where jerks.

Now for the dress itself, I have to call it "cosplay" lolita. I know, Lolita isn't a costume, but the lace is of the cheap variety (but surpisingly soft *__*), and the dress is short for Lolita. But, I was very proud and happy of the dress. I wish the bows wherevelcro instead of pinned. The pin on the back bow was badly assmbled and stabbed me in the middle of the day.
One boot is almost half a size bigger than the other. I had to stuff cotton at the top so it looked normal.
The hat is nice, light, and comfy, but the clips attaching it to my hair are cheap. One broke the moment I opened it, and it needed to be replaced.
All in all, I'll give ling lam a B-. Decent dress, satifactory shoes, good hat. So-so shipping.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Please excuse the lack of Lolita hairstyle. I have normally frizzy hair (I straighten it all the time), and its hard to mangage when it is thick and clumpy, and I didn't know what to do, so I just let it down. 

I seriously fucking lawl'd myself to death when I saw this. Then I cried because she was trying to pass it off as lolita. I didn't know what to say about this dress. I mean seriously ... she looks like a saloon girl! I was just waiting for her to say this was a joke ... or at least to scroll down and see some pictures of her on top of a bar and doing the can-can ...

It's cute, if we disregard the fact you called it Lolita.
I'm not trying to mean, but that's just my honest opinion.

Was it nessicary to put me on GTFO EGL? Seriously. I ADMITTED it to be cosplay, CHEAP HORRIBLE, ECT!!!!
I said ALLLLLLL the things you people would have pointed out first.

WTF ... I didn't put you on GTFO EGL! Why the fuck are you asking me lady little girl? You have to be fucking retarded to the max to post cosplay lolita on EGL. Pay the consequences of your actions. Stop crying about it and get over it. 
I found out that she had posted her pictures and basically copy-and-paste the shit from EGL to a forum. Except, on EGL she said she wore her dress to school for the attention. I guess she thought she was hardcore for dressing like a dumbass at school. Then she wonders why her peers were being jerks to her. I don't believe there's another dress in the world that shouts, 'Look at me I'm a douche!' more than that lovely gem there.

People suck, the end.
You shouldn't get so worked up about it. Some people are just mean and that's the way they are. All that really matters is that you know what is wrong with the dress and that it wasn't lolita.
You seem like you have full understanding of how lolita should be done. It's just a shame that you weren't able to get a proper dress, you would have done great! 

No, I'm just hated where ever I go. Forums, schools, EGL,At home, on the streets I'M HATED.
I guess I'm just stupid. 

Ermm ... wtf? I didn't say I hated you, no one on EGL said they hated you -- they just hate your dress. I don't even know how the hell that shit came up. I'm just trying to be nice to her ... and the reason for I have no clue why ...

Have you had a bad day, or week?
I was looking on the comments you got on EGL. They didn't seem mean at all and they said that you were cute. It was basically your dress that got you on the GTFO EGL community, and that's where the mean comments came from.
Whatever is the true source of your unhappiness, I hope that the situation improves.
Don't forget that life is what you make it. If you just want to focus on the negative things then that's what it will be.

Its not improving, and somone commented on my "ugly mug"
I have self-esteem issuses as it is. I don't need you people calling me ugly.
Moar like a good week...untill yesterday night.

The people on GTFO EGL were rather nice about the whole situation. Out of about the 15 or so people that replied to her only one person was a bit rude and didn't accept the bullshit that was her excuse. Her excuse was that her family is rather tight on money and that her mom only buys stuff online that's from Ebay. This was a surprise for her from her mother and she had no clue that her mother was doing this, much less she didn't even get to pick the dress. She had admitted that she thought it was ugly but she wore it with pride for her mother. It also sounded like she rather hated the dress but didn't want to hurt her mothers feelings. 

I never said that you were ugly, and just so you know, I'm not a member of any of the lolita communities.
The reason I haven't joined one is because of all the wank that goes on in them and most of the people are rude.
If you have self-esteem issues, posting pictures of yourself on the internet doesn't seem very logical. 

Yeah ... there goes some more wtf ... she's putting words in my posts! She swears that I called her ugly and she's bunching me with lolita elitist. No matter the situation, when you say, 'You people ...' it's rather offensive. I still have no clue why I'm even bothering to be nice to her. Oh yeah, cause she's an emo-attention-whore, and a fucking retarded one at that. 
Self-esteem issues + posting picture of yourself in non-lolita clothing on EGL =

Please shape up the topic. Do NOT let this turn into an emo-fest. Remember things could always be worse, you could be on fire, and that's definitely more worse than anything.
Anyways, if the emoing and self-hate continues, I will delete this thread.

I wasn't trying to offend Pasta-Chan because I don't even think any of my posts contained anything that was offensive.
I apologize if I hurt Pasta-Chan's feelings but I wasn't intentionally trying to cause hurt.
I believe there is more to the situation than whole dress issue. Perhaps Pasta-chan just vented in the wrong place and it wasn't intentional.

The mod stepped in cause that stupid stupid stupid girl was being emo and shit. I saw in another thread that her mom hit her or something because she didn't want to eat pasta for dinner because she had already ate ... or something I don't remember the specifics ... I figured she just had a bad a day or whatever and that's why she was being stupid. 
Even after I apologized for doing NOTHING wrong to her she just ignored it. I also turned out to be the bad guy cause all the people posting in the thread don't even know what the hell lolita is and they tell her she looks cute. It's like they're encouraging her to go around parading in that organza and lace nightmare. It seriously fucking looks like a prom dress and lace fucking mated and this is their hellish offsrping. I only say prom dress because most prom dresses are made from that awful tacky organza and it keels mah eyes. 

About a week after this whole incident she tried to do a Misa cosplay. Someone tried to give her con-crit about the attempted and failed cosplay. Long story short, the person told her that her hair wasn't accurate, and she should either dye it or use a wig. Then this stupid pasta girl got all offended and said that not everyone wants to dye their hair or wear a wig just for cosplay. Umm ... that's what weeds out the good cosplayers from the bad cosplayers. Then she was also saying that the live-action movie Misa had hair that was just a shade darker than her own. Honey, that's like a shade darkerx10 -- Shorty, go fix this girl's eyes there's something wrong with her color perception. 

Helpful person then told her that they were sorry and that they should have probably lied to her next time and said everything she did was perfect. They also suggested that retarded girl should just say she was an original version of Misa. Helpful person also mentioned that they never said that retarded girl had to dye her hair. Then retarded girl got her panties in a bunch and blahblah said helpful person didn't have to be snarky ... Helpful person was really confused, apologized, wished her good luck, and never returnded. Now comes in a third person telling retarded girl that helpful person wasn't being snarky and that retarded girl needed to lighten up. Third person was really nice about it too. Retarded girl gets pissed off and said, "Subject was DROPPED, no need to bring it up again." Third person apologized and wish retarded girl luck. 

So there you have it, retarded girl is basically a teenage brat ... bitchy, bratty, attention whore   DOES NOT WANT
get out of the gene pool plz  kthx

Let this be said, not all teenagers are brats. As shocking as that is, it's true, really. 
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I like the rain, I really do. I especially like it WHEN IT'S NOT IN MY FUCKING ROOM! >O 

It's not fun having your sleep interrupted by the sound of dripping. Well, it sounds more like plip plip plip and it's annoying because it's a really slow plipping. I fucking swear that I'm going to duct tape up that crack in my ceiling. But I fear actually doing it ... a mess of dirty rain water might fall on me ... The crack doesn't scare me as much as the dented spot on the ceiling does. IT'S FULL OF RAIN WATER AND ROACHES! I KNOW IT IS! I supposed it would be water bugs and possibly some silver fish more than cockroaches ... but really, still some scary shit. 

I told my grandmother that my room was leaking again. Her response, "Aww shit! Wait, are you sure? The guy came over and fixed it last time." Then I was like wuuuut? Why are you asking me if I'm sure? Is this a trick question? Do I not have the nessecary qualifications to see water dripping out of a crack? I have fucking eyes lady! I CAN SEE THE WATER DRIP. 

Sure, she may have gotten the roof or whatever fixed. The dripping is less than it was in the previous years. Although, that could be due to that fact it hasn't been raining 24/7 for a couple of weeks. Yeah, It's been raining nearly every day for the past week, but it only rains a couple hours then it takes a break.

If it won't stop raining then I'd like to ask the douche of a crack in my ceiling to move away from the the light. I fear that one day I'll turn on the light and then I'll look like Don King. DOES NOT WANT 

Fuck, I wish I was sick again. If I was sick I'd be like, Fuck this rain, I need me some 12+ hours of sleep. Now I won't be able to sleep for fear of being electrocuted to death. Oh, I suppose I could just unplug everything before I go to sleep ... Fuck that, I'm too lazy to do that. I would like to die in my sleep anyway.     
lalallala raindrops keep falling on my head ...